Friday, June 22, 2012

Slow Cooker Sweet and Spicy Chicken from Amee's Savory Dish

Slow Cooker Sweet and Spicy Chicken
This Sweet and Spicy Chicken has some interesting flavors going on!  (Photo from Amee's Savory Dish.)

(For Friday Favorites we spotlight past recipes that you may have missed, and this Slow Cooker Sweet and Spicy Chicken from Amee's Savory Dish sounds like a delicious combination.)

Reportedly the kids loved this Slow Cooker Sweet and Spicy Chicken from Amee's Savory Dish, and the recipe sounds like it could not be easier.  Amee starts with frozen chicken breasts in the bottom of the slow cooker, and then adds a mixture of salsa, tomato sauce, garlic, onion, cumin, chile powder, green pepper and some preserves for the sweet component.  I think this sounds great served over brown rice, which is how Amee served it.

I hope you enjoy trying this from-scratch slow cooker recipe!  Use this link to get the recipe for Slow Cooker Sweet and Spicy Chicken from Amee's Savory Dish.

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  1. Sorry to tell you this but this recipe could be dangeous. I have read repeatedly that food, especially meat, should be thoroughly defrosted when using a slow cooker to be sure it reaches a safe internal temperature. This recipe specified small breasts, so it probably is OK, but it could be a problem if someone substituted larger, frozen ones or thighs.

  2. Jeri, I have heard that myself but as I have been finding recipes for this new site, I have come across literally hundreds of recipes that call for starting out with frozen meat. Obviously all those people are safe and writing about it, so (although I might not do it myself) I've come to the conclusion that in things that are cooked for a long time it's not an issue. If you're really concerned, I'd recommend having a conversation with the blogger who posted the recipe so she can share her experience with doing that (and of course you don't have to use frozen meat if you make the recipe.)


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