Thursday, July 19, 2012

Slow Cooker Recipe for Plain, Simple, Versatile Shredded Chicken from Worth the Whisk

Use the slow cooker for effortless shredded chicken that can be used in a variety of dishes!

Slow-Cooker Recipe for Plain, Simple, Versatile Shredded Chicken found on
(Photo from Worth the Whisk)

If you're a seasoned cook and slow cooker user, this idea to use the slow cooker to turn on-sale chicken parts into versatile shredded chicken and stock might be old news.  But for some of you I'm guessing this post about how to make Plain, Simple, Versatile Shredded Chicken from Worth the Whisk might be a life-changing read.  First Patti cooks the chicken in her slow cooker, then she takes the meat off the bones and uses the bones and scraps to make stock.  At the end of the day she has  chicken burritos for dinner, nine cups of chicken stock, and plenty of cooked chicken to pack away for other meals, all without heating up the house.  And she went to a movie while the stock was in the slow cooker too! 

Get the complete recipe for Plain, Simple, Versatile Shredded Chicken from Worth the Whisk.

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  1. I love this idea. Thanks for the reminder. Cuz, it's scorching here. Nothing like a little cool chicken with cucmber dill sauce for a summer lunch.

  2. CJ, I agree that this cooked chicken is so useful for summer meals!

  3. Never hurts to be reminded of the basics. What a great way to keep the kitchen cool in the summer, and to make the base of many meals at once.


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