Friday, November 8, 2013

Slow Cooker Spanish-Style Split Pea Soup from Kayotic Kitchen

Slow Cooker Spanish-Style Split Pea Soup.

Slow Cooker Spanish-Style Split Pea Soup (from Kayotic Kitchen via
(Photo from Kayotic Kitchen.)

(For Friday Favorites we spotlight past recipes that you may have missed, and I think this Slow Cooker Spanish-Style Split Pea Soup from Kayotic Kitchen sounds delicious!)

Here's a delicious-sounding soup to make on the weekend and take to work for lunch all week long.  This Slow Cooker Spanish-Style Split Pea Soup from Kayotic Kitchen has chorizo, beef bouillon, garlic, bay leaves, and paprika to add to the flavor of green split peas and soup vegetables.

Get the complete recipe for Slow Cooker Spanish-Style Split Pea Soup from Kayotic Kitchen.

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  1. For me, you've ruined your website with all the ads. Particularly the political anti-Obama ad. I have been a faithful follower of Slow Cooker for some time now, and have enjoyed it. But now I'm barraged with ads and I will be looking for another slow cooker blog instead of yours. I don't know if you'll want to post this, but I thought you should know. I'll be hitting the "unsubscribe" button. Thanks for all you did in the past.

  2. Jan, if there was an anti-Obama ad it is definitely not something I was unaware of because I have requested no political ads at all (and I am a big supporter of Obama.) I am truly sorry that happened and wish I knew where the ad came from. It was obviously geo-targeted to certain states, as I never saw it here.

    As for the number of ads, it has not changed from the day the site was launched. Having ads is really the only way to justify the work of maintaining the site, but I will definitely check into where the offensive ad came from.

  3. I think it's incredibly rude to expect someone to put all this work into a website without any form of compensation.

    So basically you want a website filled with recipes at your disposal, updated on a regular basis, and not see any ads because you don't like that? Okay. If that's what you want you can buy cook books instead. This is an insult to Kalyn and something she does not deserve.

    Maybe you don't realise the amount of time there goes into maintaining a food website, much less into all the costs of website hosting, ingredients for recipes etc.

    I visit the site on a regular basis and haven't seen an anti-Obama ad either.

  4. Well I will continue to follow your blog, ads or no ads, because I love the recipes you post and am very much looking forward to trying the spanish style split pea soup recipe. Love chorizo, and love pea soup...sounds perfect for the cold weather!

  5. Kay and Tracy, thanks for the support. I do understand being upset about an anti-Obama ad though; that would bother me if I saw it on a site I supported. Checking into the ad network I think is most likely to be the source of the ad, and when I find out I may quit that network.

  6. As a fellow food blogger, I'm also grateful to Kay and Tracy for their support and understanding of the issue. I've begun to work on an article that explains the cost of food blogging to those who are thinking about starting a food blog, and it's a substantial investment of time and money. I, too, have readers (thank goodness, not many) who don't understand that in order to keep blogs free for them, I need to be compensated by someone else.

    That said, as a huge Obama supporter, I would be upset, too, and would do exactly what Kalyn will do -- try to find the source of those ads and eliminate it. The alternative, however, is not to eliminate all advertising.

  7. Thanks Lydia. I have submitted an inquiry to the network I suspect displayed the ad (even though my instructions were and always have been no political ads.)

  8. Kayln, thanks for the thoughtful response. I was responding in part to what seemed a big increase in ads that day. Who knows why: if you say they haven't increased, then they haven't. But I never suggested, as one poster thought, that your site should not carry any ads at all - that would be absurd.
    I apologize for my tone in my post, but I felt so frustrated to see an ad like the Obama one on your blog - of course, now I realize now that you had no hand in it. I wouldn't have even bothered to post a comment if I hadn't been a faithful follower and felt so disappointed. In any event, I appreciate your response and I hope you can track down the source of the political ad. I know you wouldn't want it up on your site.
    Your response has made me appreciate you and your work even more. Thank you!

  9. Thanks Jan. I assure you, the ad spots have not changed from the start. And I have a message in to the ad network I suspected put the Obama ads on my site, and if I find out they did I will probably drop their ads. I am so angry to hear that.

  10. Kudos to Kalyn for the manner in which you handled this issue. Allowing a negative post, responding with facts in a sincere manner and a promise to rectify are all signs of the proper way to communicate & build relationships. Now for some split pea soup!

  11. Thanks Anna Dee. I really appreciate that nice feedback!


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