Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Ten Amazing Recipes for Slow Cooker Turkey Soup, and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Ten Amazing Recipes for Slow Cooker Turkey Soup
Ten Amazing Recipes for Slow Cooker Turkey Soup featuring from-scratch ingredients and tested by food bloggers!

Come Friday morning a lot of you will have leftover turkey staring you in the face, so I thought I'd share some Amazing Recipes for Slow Cooker Turkey Soup that are a bit more interesting than the usual carrots, celery, and noodles turkey soup variations that often show up after Thanksgiving.  But first, did you realize that turkey and chicken are pretty much interchangeable in soup recipes?  So if you have leftover turkey, you can use a recipe that calls for leftover chicken, and if you don't have leftover turkey you can use leftover chicken instead.  You can also substitute diced, cooked turkey in pretty much any recipe that calls for cooked ground turkey, but add the cooked turkey towards the end of the cooking time so it doesn't all shred apart. 

After I post this I'm going to take the rest of the week off to spend time with my family, but here are the 50 Recipes for a Slow Cooker Thanksgiving in case you need them.  And Happy Thanksgiving everyone; hope you enjoy the Slow Cooker Turkey Soup ideas!

I may have drooled on my keyboard a little when I spotted this Slow Cooker Turkey and Stuffing Dumpling Soup from Baked by Rachel.

Slow Cooker Lemony Turkey Soup with Spinach and Orzo from Kalyn's Kitchen was a hit with my sister Pam and her family when I tried out the recipe on them.

Of course I like this CrockPot Turkey and Wild Rice Soup because Stephanie from A Year of Slow Cooking adapted it from a stove-top soup recipe on Kalyn's Kitchen!

Who doesn't love Turkey Pot Pie, and I think this Slow Cooker Turkey Pot Pie Soup from 365 Days of Slow Cooking sounds like the best of both worlds.  Karen uses frozen hashbrowns, but you could use grated leftover potatoes too.

Slow Cooker Turkey Tomatillo and Pinto Bean Sou with Corn from Everyday Maven has a spicy Southwestern twist.

Another soup with a spicy twist is this Slow Cooker Turkey and Green Chili Chowder from Simple Nourished Living.

This Spicy Slow Cooker Soup with Ground Turkey, Pinto Beans, Red Bell Pepper, and Green Chiles from Kalyn's Kitchen is definitely one of my favorites.  If you're making with leftover turkey, just add it the last hour of cooking time so the turkey doesn't shred apart.

 Another delicious-looking soup from Baked by Rachel is this Slow Cooker Turkey and Potato Chowder.

Rachel from Coconut and Lime used frozen "soup vegetables" in this Slow Cooker TurkeyVegetable Kamut Soup, which makes it quick for the day after Thanksgiving.

Finally, this Slow Cooker Cream of Chicken and Wild Rice Soup from Center Cook sounds so delicious. I've seen a few other versions of this recipe made with turkey so I know it will be good; just add the cooked turkey towards the end of the cooking time.  The recipe calls for packaged long grain and wild rice, but if you don't want the packaged stuff you can substitute your own rice and wild rice.

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  1. Love the idea of making soup with leftover turkey from Thanksgiving, especially with the cold temperatures this week.

  2. Thanks Jeanette. What I think I like most is the way it makes the house smell good!


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