About Me:
Slow Cooker from Scratch was created by Kalyn Denny, a long time food blogger and enthusiastic cook.  I'm a retired elementary school teacher who is now busy as a full-time food blogger.   Most days you'll find me trying new recipes and photographing food for my site Kalyn's Kitchen, but I'm also passionate about gardening, Scandinavian murder mysteries, The Good Wife, and collecting every kitchen tool known to man.  I have 39 nieces and nephews and more great nieces and nephews than I can keep track of, and being "Aunt Kalyn" is one of my favorite hobbies.  I currently have 10 slow cookers, and am always looking for more ways to use them!

Site Description:
Slow Cooker from Scratch helps discriminating home cooks find nutritious and delicious from-scratch Slow Cooker Recipes, all made from real food ingredients and perfected by food bloggers.

Why I started this site:
The site is meant to be a resource for home cooks looking for tested slow cooker recipes that use whole food ingredients.  I started Slow Cooker from Scratch when I began getting frequent requests for more slow cooker recipes on Kalyn's Kitchen.   Often those requests would mention that people like the kind of "from scratch" slow cooker recipes I posted.  I realized that many of my food blogging friends were posting slow cooker recipes using from-scratch ingredients, but that the average slow cooker user had no way to find all those recipes.  I hope this new site will be helpful!

What "from scratch" means:
The intent of this site is to collect and promote "real food" recipes using the slow cooker.  In particular, I don't accept recipes that include canned soup, dry soup mix, packaged seasoning mixes, dessert mixes, or other highly processed and artificially flavored ingredients.  Although I prefer the use of homemade stock, beans cooked from scratch, and fresh vegetables,  recipes may be accepted that use real-food convenience products such as canned beans, canned tomatoes, tomato sauce, canned broth, canned vegetables, frozen vegetables, salsa, sun-dried tomatoes, dried fruit, jam, and preserves.  

About the ratings:
I added ratings to Slow Cooker from Scratch in the hopes that people would come back after they try a recipe and give it a rating, especially if it was a recipe they really enjoyed.  That way the ratings would help other people know what recipes on the site people had good results from.  The ratings are Wow, Tasty, Okay, and Meh!

Repeat Performances:
If you're a food blogger who tries a recipe you find on this site and posts about it on your blog, I would love to add a link to your version to the original post.  You can send me those links at slowcookerfromscratch (at) comcast (dot) net.  Thanks!
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